Thursday, 3 June 2010

Making life brighter

I have finally finished my first attempt at an African Flower cushion.
....Not perfect but I am pleased that at least its usable .... I can learn from my mistakes.

An hour in Lancaster on Sunday and I couldn't resist a few bright bits for either my study.....

....... or my spare bedroom ...... decisions decisions.....


  1. Hehehe you bought the same cushion as us yesterday for Noo Noo...wanted 2 but they only have one left in that colourway
    Will try another store funny that same taste!!!
    Cushion looks good
    Hugs xx

  2. What do they say......Great minds think alike..... I only wish I had your knack at putting it altogether and also your skill with the camera ...oh and a few more hours in my day- lol.
    Let me know if you struggle to get another cushion cos I could always ask my son to look when he is back in Lancaster next week. Liz x